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Die 7-Tage-Arthrose-Gesundheitskur


Die 7-Tage-Arthrose-Gesundheitskur

Besserung bei Krankheiten durch richtige Ernährung

Wer mit Hilfe richtiger Ernährung gesund werden kann - und die Chance besteht - bringt dazu gern die Geduld auf. Wer über Schmerzen klagt wie bei Arthrose, Fibromyalgie, Rheuma oder Gicht, ohnehin. Man ist immer wieder erstaunt, wie förderlich sich eine Ernährungsumstellung auf die Gesundheit auswirkt.

Die 7-Tage-Arthrose-Gesundheitskur besteht aus

7 Tagen und 7 Nächten im Hotel Naturion und

7 Tagen mit basenstarker Ernährung nach den Empfehlungen des Hotels NATURION

Kosten für eine Person im Einzelzimmer: ab 115 Euro (je nach Zimmer)

und im Doppelzimmer ab 100 Euro pro Person (je nach Zimmer)

Im Kur-Preis enthalten sind neben der Übernachtung vier Mahlzeiten plus Getränke sowie eine  Ernährungsberatung mit Rosemarie Muth ("Arthrose heilen")

Teilen oder schmälern lässt sich das Programm der ersten 7 Tage nicht, erweitern schon eher.

For the 7-day treatment you usually arrive on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. and leave again on Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. In between, you experience the fullness of a meal that contains pretty much everything that characterizes the Hotel NATURION. Six times in a row, the hotel offers a daily routine that starts with fruits for breakfast, which immediately brings the benefits of an alkaline diet. I called it “basic” in my cookbook, knowing what positive impulses such a breakfast can have for the whole day. Eat alkaline and the day is saved because the body doesn't have to constantly deal with the health disadvantages of an acid-forming diet. Therefore fruit and nothing but fruit in the morning. The further sequence is: raw food, followed by an alkaline muesli so that you don't feel hungry. You experience the benefits of the alkaline food and look forward to the warm dinner after an exciting day - every day at 6:00 p.m. This daily alkaline diet is plentiful, very tasty and full of variety. Nobody is hungry! NATURION's 27 years of experience with alkaline food led to the following cookbooks:
  • “ARTHROSE, the base-strong Naturion cookbook” by Rosemarie Muth, published in 2013
  • “Healing osteoarthritis with an alkaline diet” by Rosemarie Muth, published in 2018 by Hans Nietsch-Verlag
I am present when preparing the food, answer guests' questions and give extensive advice.
The importance of a plant-based and therefore alkaline diet has a long history that began in ancient times. Pythagoras founded vegetarianism, and Plato recommended eating a vegetarian diet because only meat eaters needed a doctor. Paracelsus and Hildegard von Bingen also recognized the positive effects of plant-based food. Later, it was pioneers such as Maximilian Bircher-Benner with his raw food diet and especially Ragnar Berg who recognized that a plant-based diet is predominantly metabolized in an alkaline manner. Knowledge about our body's acid-base balance has always played a role in naturopathy. Thanks to Lothar Wendt's findings, this knowledge is increasingly recognized and implemented. Various food components have an influence on the acid-base balance, with the sulfur-containing amino acids as well as chloride and phosphorus being seen as acid formers and sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium as base formers. In tissue acidosis or latent acidosis, acids from the connective tissue are not transported to the kidneys. A diet that consists predominantly of animal products and is therefore acidic contributes to the development of a whole range of different diseases of civilization - such as osteoarthritis, rheumatism, migraines, strokes, heart attacks, etc. - which are caused by hyperacidification of the organism, especially the cells around it. connecting tissue. The various metabolic disorders arise when excess acids are temporarily retained in the connective tissue during transport from the cells to the blood - or vice versa. The extent of latent acidosis is influenced by the type of diet. Various vascular diseases and rheumatic complaints have been proven to be related to disorders of connective tissue metabolism. It should be emphasized once again that it is our entire way of life that influences our health, as Hippocrates said: “A simple diet, sufficient exercise and moderation in all things in life is the best recipe for growing old in health. “ I hope that healing osteoarthritis with an alkaline diet becomes widespread so that the protective and healing effects of plant-based foods can be used by as many people as possible. Anyone who wants to contribute to their own well-being and improve their quality of life will benefit greatly from the recipes in Rosemarie Muth's book. We wish you much success and joy with the delicious recipes for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle Claus Leitzmann (Professor of Nutritional Science, University of Giessen) Gießen, spring 2018