Basic nutrition in the NATURION® basisch vegetarian Hotel

Basisch (Basic or alkaline) nutrition, base theory, acid-base balance, all of this sounds like everything possible, only not after a tasty diet. You have heard many times before that you should eat a healthy or healthier diet and then finally decided to do something about it. But then numerous question marks appear. What should I eat? Maybe less fat or carbohydrates, more vegetables, lots of fruit? Where should I start? How to go on? What is harmless? What can I eat then? And above all: Why should I eat one and better leave out the other?

Check your daily food for its acidity and base-forming effects. These foods – a balanced ratio of acids and bases in our food and our daily eating habits – are the key to our health. But what foods form bases? With a few exceptions, almost all fresh and ripe vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of potassium, magnesium and their salts are used by our metabolism as a base.

However, consuming a few base-forming foods as a counterbalance to the usual acidic temptations would be too easy. We have to get rid of our taste ideas, because basic nutrition has less to do with taste, but with how the food we eat every day is metabolized by our body, because “sour makes fun” may taste quite good, is not funny for our body and for our health in the long run. Take a look at your food stocks: meat, sausage, fish, cheese, bread, finished products, alcoholic beverages, coffee beans etc. All these foods are acid generators. And maybe we mainly feed on it despite everything. Even if we eat these organic foods, it doesn’t change the fact that they acidify our bodies. In the long run, this means that we no longer feel as efficient and may be plagued by so-called civilization diseases such as arthrosis, rheumatism, chronic joint pain or skin diseases. They are all the result of the acidification caused by our eating habits.

However, these findings are not new. The knowledge that we should endeavor to eat a mainly basic diet is over 100 years old. It was compiled by the Swedish biochemist and nutrition researcher Carl Gustav Ragnar Berg (1873–1956) in 1913 using a food table. Even then, he advised eating more basic than acidic food, in a ratio of 80 percent basic to 20 percent acidic. Ragnar Berg assumed that our body can only fully utilize the food we eat if we eat more bases than acids. Our current knowledge is based on this.

Eating basic food makes you healthy

We recommend that you follow a strict basic diet for at least a week or two. This gives your organism the decisive impulse to get well. Chronic diseases, such as osteoarthritis, are mostly due to over-acidification of the connective tissue, and this is exactly what a basic diet works like a real buffer.

Imagine the stream of acid images that overwhelms your body when you have been predominantly acidic for years. The body was constantly busy storing the excess acids in the connective tissue or in the joints, which could eventually lead to fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis. The body was initially able to cope with this as long as it could get the antidotes from its base depots, such as the basic calcium from the bones.

Integrate basic nutrition into everyday life

It is best to start the day with breakfast with raw fruit and then maybe take another breakfast with a banana or some raw vegetables later. At lunchtime it can also be a small portion of muesli. Depending on your life circumstances or habits, you can choose whether you want to have your main meal at noon or in the evening. At lunchtime, the tide of acid with which the liver covers the body for about 12 hours from around 3 a.m. has not subsided at lunchtime, and you should do well until around 3 p.m. to base your diet.

If you take your main meal, which is usually accompanied by a lot of acid-forming substances for the body, in the evening, you are still right in terms of health, because now the acid flood that gets into the body with the food is no longer through increases the acid flow of the liver. It wouldn’t be a broken leg, well.

It would not be a broken leg to have a drink after dinner, which should take place around 6 p.m., between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. When drinking, the recommended three liters a day for our body come together quite a lot. Water, low mineral spring water, tea, herbal tea, some freshly squeezed fruit juice (about as much of it as you would otherwise eat as fruit) are best suited. You should avoid fruit tea or fermented tea.

Soups are not included when determining the amount of drinking. You have a completely different task: you should be a healthy food. Soups in particular offer you countless possibilities to diversify and enrich your meal plan, be it as a small snack, opening a multi-course menu or as a hearty stew that can also replace a full meal.

Basic nutrition is varied and balanced

The largest proportion of bases that we consume with our daily food can and should be done through a targeted diet. But how do we want to achieve this? It was precisely this question that motivated me to write down the recipes and tips compiled in this book. All of my recipes are designed for two people in terms of the amount of ingredients. And for most of the processed ingredients, you will find information on their bases or acid-forming effects under “Bases and acid-forming foods at a glance” (see my cookbook).With the famous question: “What are we cooking today?”, We are not only faced with the task of conjuring up something tasty from the daily market offer, but also to find healthy eating habits and an equally healthy lifestyle with a base-rich diet. It is an experience every day to see what delicacies we can bring to the table and, above all, how varied our menu with basic nutrition can and is actually.

It is also advantageous to start a diet change on your own or under supervision with a “strong base week”. This relieves the metabolism and the body is better prepared for a diet based on the GAT Holistic Arthrosis Therapy®.

Our manageable, cozy hotel offers in addition to the vegetarian gourmet food as a focus the 7-day cure for Arthrosis, fibromyalgia and rheumatism with basic “strong alkaline” nutrition, among other things according to our own cookbooks with a positive effect on the acid-base balance.