Macramé Art

For lovers of this art, we have a collection of 17 Macramé pieces of arts made between 1970 and 1980. During your stay you can admire these beautiful masterpieces of handicraft art.

Macraméknotting technique from the Orient totally trendy, with macramé, an old classic of knotting technique is experiencing a new high and is rapidly gaining popularity among handicraft fans and hobby artists.

With this term, you might first be reminded of colorful friendship bracelets, Wolfgang “Wolle” Peltry, hanging baskets from the eighties or knotted murals made of thick sisal cord, right?

With a year around exhibition at the corridors of our Naturion Hotel, we would like to provide you with some inspirations, and show you that you can do much more with this oriental knotting technique and that numerous, incredibly creative concepts, techniques, ideas and projects have developed in this area of ​​manual work.

Thanks to the Internet, these are also spreading rapidly across the globe and allow a wide range of cultural influences.

In addition to classic murals, clothing and decoration in all its forms exposed at our hotel, you will also have the opportunity to talk to the artist behind these piece of arts.

There are almost no limits to the imagination in the use of macramé. This is shown again and again in the creativity and variety of the application of this knotting technique.

Enjoy your stay at Naturion!